Larchmont United Methodist Preschool

My daughters are 2 years apart and they both had Mrs. Skees for PreK. My oldest, who is a bit of a perfectionist responded very well to Mrs. Skees' gentle manner and encouraging, caring teaching style. Because she had such a great experience, my younger daughter was excited about eventually being in Mrs. Skees' class. She has had a wonderful year and really loves school thanks to a teacher that makes learning interesting and fun. 

- Whitney D. (for Mrs. Skees - Pre-Kindergarten class)

With school registration right around the corner I wanted to share my experience as a parent of a child enrolled in LUMPS Kindergarten. My son attended preK at LUMPS last year and loved it. We were thrilled when we found out they would be offering kindergarten for the 2017-2018 school year. The program is from 9-1 but the children are learning everything they need to be ready for first grade AND they get more time on the playground. The class has a limit of 10 so the children get a lot on one on one time. His teacher is fantastic and really cares about the kids. We are able to walk our children to the classroom and communicate with the teacher daily. In our situation our son has a very late birthday and we didn’t feel he was ready for a full day of school. We also felt confident he would be better served if we held him back a year. We did not want him to repeat at the same school either. This has been a blessing for us. Having said that, most of the children in his class will be going on to first grade. I just wanted to throw in our reasoning in case anyone is in the same boat. It’s also REALLY affordable. For anyone with soon to be kindergarteners I highly recommend looking into LUMPS.

- Danielle F. (Kindergarten class)


I can't say enough good things about Ms. Jen and Ms. Janet's 2s class.  They are enthusiastic, organized and always willing to take the time to send a quick text to let me know my son is doing well after a tough morning at drop off :)  I am so thankful to have had Ms. Jen, Ms. Janet and the whole staff be a part of my son's first school experience.   

- Alexis A. (for Ms. Jen & Ms. Janet - 2 year old class)

Ms. Becca and everyone involved in the LUMPS community holds such a special place in my family’s heart.  My daughter was in Ms. Becca’s three year old class and my son has been lucky enough to have her two years in a row, in the three year old class and now in Pre-K.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience at LUMPS, both academically and personally.  Ms. Becca taught both my children the fundamentals of reading and writing.  She has also instilled in them a passion for science, particularly animals. Both have also been proud to bring home art projects and perform songs they learned at school.  Ms. Becca is an excellent teacher, and she is also a wonderful person.  I feel comforted knowing that the values we teach at home are reinforced in her classroom. I am so glad she has been a constant part of the village I trust to help raise my children. 

- Katie J. (for Ms. Becca - Pre-Kindergarten class)

I first would like to thank you!!!! From the tour to the 1st day of school it has been nothing but amazing. The energy is so strong and pleasant in that little building. Its bursting with happiness and positive vibes. Everyone that I have come in contact with has been so friendly and inviting and we never felt out of place. I am confident in knowing that Riley is being treated well and getting the best education possible to start her on a fast track to success. My heart smiles when I pick her up and she runs out with a special craft or artwork that she is proud of. Her foundation is important to me. I feel like Ms.Elisa and Ms. Tracy do a great job of focusing on Riley's needs and letting her express her individuality all while encouraging her to be strong and proud. Riley is obsessed with her teachers, so much that we pretend play "teacher and class" at home and she wants me to "be Ms Tracy" and she pretends to "be Ms. Elisa". She tells me I have to talk like Ms. Tracy and I am not always sure how to do that but I know thats a good sign that her educators have made a lasting impression on her. I am so happy that I found LUMPS and that we got to experience the joy that early learning brings. The friendships and memories that she has made are priceless. I could go on and on about the awesomeness that is LUMPS but I will end with saying that our family is grateful and blessed to have had this chapter with LUMPS. Any school in the future has BIG shoes to fill thats for sure. I know that Ms Tracy and Ms Elisa have created a love for learning in Riley and I pray that fire burns bright and she continues to excel at LUMPS and well after. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! 

- Tameka F. (for Ms. Elisa & Ms. Tracy - 3 year old class)